Joanna Szumiec, Cracow, Poland
     I am. Here and now. Thanks to the consistent effort towards doing what I love - I create. Painting has absorbed me completely, therefore I feel to be one of those lucky human being, for whom hours never seem long.
My fascination for a broad spectrum of visual arts makes my creativity unrestricted to one style or form. You will find here elements of realism, figurative art, symbolism or surrealism.
I carry out my ideas both on canvas and wall murals.
I observe people - contemplate upon the multitude and diversity of their behaviours and emotions as well as psychological reasons for adaptation to existing conditions. Perhaps this is the reason why people appear in my paintings so often.
What attracts me in art is that it is multidimensional. The way it gets filtered by personal experiences (of both the author and the beneficiary) to finally find its place somewhere in the subconsciousness.
2021 Achievements:
- 1st place in Self-Portrait Artistic Challenge #1 for patreons, organised by The Florence Academy of Art, in Italy.
- participation in the Self-Portrait Prize 2021 long-list online exhibitions* organized by Ruth Borchard Collection, in London. My work was selected out of 2000 other artists submissions.
* The Self-Portrait Prize 2021 - Exhibition of      highly commended entries
   (17 May - 30 September 2021)
* Exclusively on Artsy / Self-Portrait Prize          2021
   (2 June - 2 September 2021)

If you find my work interesting, would like to work with me or if you have any questions at all, please reach me at
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